Yeah, I blog.

I read recently that blogs are dead; no one gives them any credence anymore because twitter and other venues have taken over as the mediums of hip electronic self-expression. Which means that it is a perfect time for me to finally start a blog, because I am a late-bloomer. In everything, it seems.

I put off blogging for a really long time. Please understand, I did try to resist the urge to spill (burp?) my every thought and opinion into cyberspace. I tried really hard. One of the things that made it easy to resist is that I couldn’t, for the life of me, decide what I should blog about. Aren’t blogs supposed to have a focus? When people go to your blog, they are supposed to know that they’ll probably get dating advice, or a cooking diary, travelogue, or the inside perspective on living with a Dr. Pepper addiction or …. (fill in the blank). And I didn’t feel that I could possibly commit myself to writing on a single topic for even a month, much less any length of time that might enable people to actually find the blog and develop any sense of loyalty to it.

And writing a diary-type blog just didn’t appeal to me. Reeks of bad adolescent hand-wringing in my mind. I’ve read my old diaries, and trust me, they should stay in my closet. Deep, deep in my closet. My high school biology teacher used to love saying β€œI am not interested in the sordid details of your mundane life,” and that’s a good summary of my thoughts on most diary blogs. I trust my friends to tolerate my compulsive naval gazing and frequent emotional melt-downs, but put it on the web? I don’t need to inflict all that on the internet community.

So what changed? Not sure. Perhaps it’s that I’ve finally read some blogs that I like (thanks Cate, Drew, and A. F.). Perhaps it’s more frequent exposure to a certain friend who has a habit of taking notes (literally) on random things I say during conversations. Figured I could save her some trouble. One thing is for sure though – I remain obstinately uncommitted to topics, themes, focuses, etc. This will be an Everything Blog. Be prepared for poetry, rants, spiritual reflections, memoirish bits, relationship musings, local happenings (go Astoria!), sci-fi/fantasy geek-outs, advice for living with one’s parents in your thirties, and more!

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  1. Mindy

    Prepared. Ready. Waiting. πŸ˜€

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