Gratitude is always a good place to start.

Exerpts from an urban gratitude journal; things I have been thankful for in April:

5. Children’s laughter wallpapering my day.

8. A frosted marmalade sunset.

12. Sparrows, sparrows EVERYWHERE! SPRING!!

15. Quiet moment alone, wide soul.

19. Tuna Surprise with a side of giggly Dr. Who geek-out.

26. Melting flower-mountain of white whipped cream.

33. Spring all swollen in the trees.

34. Ducks drawing slow patterns on the water, bending light round and round their heads.

35. Racing light stripes on the train seat.

41. New York all twinkly in the gloaming.

46. Ms. S. decked out in wiggledy-piggledy, helter-skelter, ziggedy-zaggedy African orange; smiley face pinned to her collar.

55. Mom love.

59. Cold rain that lets magnolias linger.

60. Music of airplanes and sparrows.


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