Excerpts from an Urban Gratitude Journal (from May 2011)

A random list of images and moments for which I’ve been thankful in May (numbered continuously from month to month):

66. Spring all smeary-delicious in the rain.

67. Holding hands.

73. Trees reaching down, down into sky-puddle.

76. Zebra snails (four!) on the sidewalk after a rain. Live long and prosper.

81. Cardinals in the morning! Sweet! Su-eet! Su-eet!

82. Dark denim sky wrapped close against rooftops.

83. Pain is less once it’s shared.

86. Story electric in my head.

87. Earth swallowing me slowly down its long, steel tongue.

90. Letter from a dearly missed friend.

97. Tiny dogs, incredibly alert.

99. Trash barge: cleaning up the best we can for now.

102. Girl embraces sky, green blanket billowing and billowing behind her.

106. The fairy terrains of unmowed lawns.

108. Spotted on the Sunday morning bus: bent little white-hairs laughing with friendship.

113. That part where Fred and George Weasley make me laugh out loud.

114. Picnic blanket full of friends, food, and poems.


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