Options for the Reluctant Vegetarian – Summer Smoothie.

Breakfast (or snack, or on-the-go meal replacement, or dessert)

Thanks to Helen Pie for this 🙂  This recipe can go even greener by using local produce instead of bananas and mangoes, but every version is tasty.


Fresh Fruit – 2 or more kinds.

Something to thin it out – yogurt, milk, soy milk, juice, water, etc.

Blender or food processor

ziploc, tupperware, or other freezer-friendly container.

Peel a banana, break it into chunks (smaller chunks might be easier on your blender), and stick it in a freezer-friendly container, and freeze for at least an hour, or overnight. This will make your smoothie thick and cold.

I actually do this to a whole bunch of bananas at once, and keep each banana in a separate plastic container (re-used take-out or leftover containers from restaurants are perfect). Then I have a bunch ready to use for the week, just have to pull out one at a time.

When the banana is frozen, dump the frozen chunks into your blender or food processor (a food processor can get messy, but I haven’t figured out how to attach my mom’s blender to the base yet, so…..baby steps).

Add some fresh fruit. Farmer’s market fruit is fantastic here, and currently in season, thus local and more environmentally friendly, although any fresh fruit is probably an improvement over sausage or bacon. I’ve been using mango this week. Berries, peaches, and nectarines are also good. Be creative!

Add some cream/liquid. I generally add some organic yogurt and milk. Using plain yogurt will cut the sweetness a little, while flavored yogurt can create an interesting flavor combination (be creative!). If you don’t want to do dairy, soy or almond or rice milk would work, and I’m betting apple juice would be wonderful. This morning I used leftover juice from a jar of canned peaches. It rocked.

Adding ice cream also makes it super-delicious. Less healthy, perhaps, but super-delicious. Also, if you like peanut butter or nutella with fruit crepes, a tablespoon added can go a long way.

Blend for 20-30 seconds until the banana chunks are smoothed out and you like the consistency. If it’s too thick, add a little more liquid and blend again.

Tip: If you put your glass in the freezer too, this becomes the ultimate summer chill snack.

EASY. This took 10x longer to write than it takes to make one. I think I’ll have one now….

PS – Just as a note on portions – I find that one banana, half a mango, 3-4 large tablespoons of yogurt and a splash of milk makes a very decent-sized smoothie, which is thick enough that I eat it with a spoon. You may need to experiment a little to find your magic mix, but it’s a fun and tasty process.

PPS – I love bananas, but if you don’t, I’m sure that choosing a different base fruit and freezing it would be just as awesome. In fact I’ve been meaning to try apple and watermelon as bases for a while, esp. because they’re much more local than bananas. Enjoy!


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