Taipei Chronicles Part 1

Finally, post-jet-lag and post-respiratory infection, the Taiwan Report.

It’s actually really hard for me to write about important events as they are happening. The more personally meaningful they are, the longer it takes me to figure out just what that meaning is. Sometimes it takes years. So I’m sure I will have more insight about the experience as time goes on. In the meantime, here is the less-insightful first-impression rundown of the adventure (food details deserve their own posts, coming soon):

Thursday, Sept. 8 – Friday, Sept. 9: Travel.

– Smoothe flights, briefer layover than expected because we arrived a bit late in Tokyo. The airline food was surprisingly delicious (crepes!). Although my opinion may be influenced by the fact that I ate almost nothing but spaghetti for the month prior to this. “Hanna” is a great movie, even on an itty-bitty airline screen. Highly recommend.

– And Japanese toilets are amazing! I’m not sure if I was more impressed with the motorized one with the heated seat and triple butt-washing settings, or the one that had the fold-out baby/toddler seat so you could hang your little one on the wall beside your purse and not have to hand him to a friend or chase him around the stall while you did your business.

– Small moment of panic when I realized I was going to have to stay at B’s dad’s apartment after all (instead of in a hotel), but he was nothing but hospitable, and I got to sleep in the guest room. Whose door wouldn’t close, but oh well. We propped it mostly closed with a slipper. Thank G-D I packed a nightgown after all!

Also, everything in Taiwan aspires to be cute. Here is what you see when you first clear customs in Taiwan:



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  1. 🙂 Nice start! Look forward to more… (but I’m not sure those sculptures are cute as much as terrifying LOL! reminds me a little of Ren & Stimpy…)

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