My Prayer for the Occupy Wall Street Day of Action Tomorrow (11/17)

I’m deeply uncomfortable praying out loud. Here goes anyway.

Father G-d,

You have always heard the cries of Your people, Your little ones, when they are in distress. You have always heard the cries of the voiceless when they have nowhere else to turn. It is You who delivers us from slavery, from prisons, both internal and external, it is You who frees us to be fully human, to act in dignity, open-handedness, and love. It is You who creates unity, You who softens hearts, opens ears, lifts burdens, melts opposition, and creates space even for forgiveness.

Your people labor under powers and principalities that grind down many, which create shame and suffering, which bring death to people in far places, which seem at times to be insurmountable.

You, G-d, hold all of history, past and future, in Your hands, and I cannot know Your will for tomorrow, but I know you honor justice and relief for the oppressed, and that You knit unity from division and order from chaos. You care about our cries, and You care about how we treat one another in our distress.

I pray for Your peace to reign over the city tomorrow, that Your Spirit would move among us all, protesters and bystanders and police alike. I pray You would move in our hearts as a people, that our eyes might be open to what You want to build. I pray that You would create dialogue in places where there was hatred or silence, I pray You would create delight in the midst of anger, and I pray that Your passion for people and for justice and for forgiveness and for compassion and for love would bubble through Your people everywhere, that we would see You in one another.

Help us to see.

Help us to hold steadfast to hope, for ourselves, for one another, and for the world.

Help us to remember that we are all Your children.

Help us to find some truth in the confusion.

Weave something beautiful for the world tomorrow.



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2 responses to “My Prayer for the Occupy Wall Street Day of Action Tomorrow (11/17)

  1. Kevin


    My hope for today (Nov. 17th) is the occupy movement focuses on a handful of policies or actions they want to change and do it. I looked on the Occupy Wall Street Reddit today:

    and in the top 10 posts I found Three talking about their right to “Occupy” places (Zuccotti Park, a bank etc.), Two articles about Captain Ray Lewis from the Philadelphia Police and Four articles about the “Scum Bag Mayor” of New York City. Only One article was discussing third party candidates and electoral reform.

    For a group that wants reform it sure isn’t acting like it!

    Today needs to be the day they focus on a handful of specific things they want to change instead of the endlessly long, generalities they currently have. I was debating with myself yesterday, something I do frequently, about how effective a “list of demands” are. I keep a copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence on my desk at work, where I am now, and I have to admit, sadly, that I cannot remember reading either from front to back in one sitting and I definitely could not tell you everything in it from memory word for word. So I ask myself, If me, a rather intelligent person, has not read or cannot tell you what’s in the list of demands our Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence what chance do I have of the average person knowing what the Occupy movement stands for, more less supporting it?

    Can you tell me from memory more than Five items from the list in the Declaration of Independence? I can’t! The Occupy movement needs to pick less than 5 specific items to focus on and do it. Example:

    1) Repeal Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
    2) Limit corporate lobbying to $100,000 per company per congressmen per term
    3) Go to a National Popular Vote instead of the Electoral College

    Those are just examples. Examples I disagree with btw, I don’t support the Occupy movement and if they actually did follow my advice they might actually get something done so I’m actually rather happy they’re ignoring me.

    So to your prayer I say Amen, and now it’s time to get to work!


  2. Lisa R.

    Thanks for this. It brought tears to my eyes as I read it, and I’m praying the prayer along with you. My heart echoes every word.
    – Lisa R.

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