Mourning Poem 1: Dedicated to Any Here Who May Have Failed.

I wrote this a few years ago, but shared it very recently with a new group of people and found that it still had resonance. It strikes me that the themes of loss and letting go are marginally appropriate for the closing of a year, so I decided to post it here.

Oh, and that’s my Christmas hat. I wear a cloche now. Cloches are cool.  =)




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4 responses to “Mourning Poem 1: Dedicated to Any Here Who May Have Failed.

  1. At first I wondered whether this was too ‘wordy’, but then I realised it was pitched just right. I love your delivery, your humour. No the cloche hat is not cool, but no matter, because I love that too.

    Marie Marshall

  2. aabsofsteel

    You wear that cloche well. Thanks for sharing your poem. I do think it natural to consider personal failures as the year draws to a close.

  3. Lisa R

    Giggling here…that was marvelous. I certainly need to laugh at some of my failures. And I will be forever wondering- what would an ant do with a feather?

  4. *applauds* Well done! I wonder who is the “Godlike” being; you or the ant? From the ant’s perspective, your presence is insignificant; the important thing in his life is the feather, or perhaps the feather superceded his need to pay attention to you…success=survival, therefore you suddenly find yourself in the position of being less in the scheme of things than the weight of a feather! Oh, my.
    You have given me much to think on…so simple a thing: a few minutes with a poet, an ant…and a feather. Thank you. The hat is lovely on you.

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