Why I Haven’t Been Blogging.

I know I’ve been off of blogging for a very long time. I’m coming back now! In the meantime, here’s a look at what I’ve been up to…..

Designing wedding dresses…..

My original dress design for my wedding.

Hair experiments.

Discarded draft.

Dress fittings:

My qipao. Traditional in a chinese wedding, but traditionally red. B assured me his family would dig the variation.

Pre-flowers. Cute from this angle, but up close the bust just had this weird ripple – really unflattering, and we couldn’t get rid of it. We ditched this dress idea altogether.

More hair experiments:

Closer to our finished look.

Making centerpieces and decorations:

These were easy. You should see what went into the table name displays.

My 1000 paper cranes.

Here they are from above. Made, not bought, except for the 100 white ones (Thank you etsy!). After this, I arranged them in intricate patterns and strung them.

We were also raising butterflies so as to have a release during the ceremony. Unfortunately they hatched a week early, so it didn’t work out, but here’s the caterpillar colony:

Each cup contains 1-2 caterpillars eating a special diet until they form a chrysalis at the top of their cup. We ordered 3 class sets and received about 120 larvae.

And when you disturb the chrysalis to move it to the butterfly habitat, this can happen:

(That guy was fine – he hatched the next day. Apparently that movement is a reflex that can deter possible predators if the chrysalis is discovered).

And did I mention that all during this time I was clearing out space in my fiance’s apartment for myself?

Two whole shelves in the kitchen full of nothing but plastic bags…..among other discoveries in the apartment….

And of course there were the administrative to-do lists. I burned these at the wedding. Literally. We had a bonfire, and I saved them to throw in. These are all from about a 48 hour period. I’m not kidding. I had a huge pile to burn by the end….

Things to do, errands to run, items to buy, appointments to make, appointments to keep, people to call, emails to return, goals to hit, changes to make, etc., etc., etc…..

And room assignment charts (because it was a weekend retreat). I burned these too.

Color-coded by relationship.

And table charts. We had to change these so often that I grew kind of fond of them and didn’t burn them….

Our tables were named after “great partnerships.” Fred and Ginger, Lennon and McCartney, Bert and Ernie, Ron and Hermione. Etc.

And of course some bachelorette party love! (I LOVE MY SEESTER!!!)

And finally – the day itself!! There will be a more complete wedding post at some point when we get the official pics back from the photographers, but for now, a few friendly snapshots. (In summary – it was a PERFECT DAY!!)

My mom walking me down the aisle.

Husband and Wife! Triumph!

Striking a pose with my Flower Girl In Chief. (She completely rocked it down that aisle.)

The qipao was a big hit!


That’s it for today! I’m posting this from the south of France, where B and I have rented a little villa for a couple of weeks. We are taking a lazy day, so I am catching up some internet chores – honeymoon posts coming very soon!


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  1. Mom

    I think you hit all the highlights just right! Loved it – Mom

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