French Honeymoon Day 10: Lazy Day Reflections

After our rigorous hike on Day 8 and our biking adventure yesterday (both B and I are sore, though in different places), we are taking another lazy day. Besides being mutually sore, B has acquired to date: 2 lumps on his head from hitting the stone arch in the living room, a scrape on his elbow from the rough wall finish, a twisted ankle from our hike to Boussagues (he twisted it almost within sight of home), and a bloody knee, from an awkward bike dismount 200 m from our front door (so close!). The old man needs a rest 😉

Finished the rest of the roast chicken for lunch, snacked all day (Nutella!), and now waiting for our lamb stew to cook. Since we didn’t do anything notable today (except I spent 5 hours uploading photos into my honeymoon blog posts), here are some random reflections on marriage, honeymooning, and Villemagne.


I love having a husband. I realize that I am only 14 days married on the date of this writing (Happy 2-Week Anniversary B!), but already I have noticed that husbands are excellent for the following reasons:

1. Snuggling is no longer confined to a singular “date night.”

2. A husband can fetch things for you (like a blanket, or a cup of tea).

3. Husbands are very useful for watching your luggage while you go use the facilities.

4. Husbands have many more opportunities than boyfriends for sneaking up on you and kissing you.

5. Dividing responsibilities is extremely efficient. This was true when we traveled as boyfriend and girlfriend, but somehow it is even more true as husband and wife.

6. Some jokes age gracefully over the course of a day and are ten times more pungent when you’re giggling over them (again) at night snuggling under the blankets.

7. The Husband Full-Body Pillow is unmatched for comfort, warmth, and endorphins.


Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

Paradise must be like this. At least sometimes.

Also, when I have absolutely nothing else to do, and when I am surrounded by fresh, delicious ingredients, and heavenly cooking, and wine, and when a trip to the grocery store can give an adventurous structure to an otherwise languorous day, then (sometimes)…… I actually enjoy cooking.


Here the air has a dewy, faintly honeyed tea kind of smell in the morning, and a warm, sunny, herbal smell in the evening. (Especially the rosemary and lavender, although there are plenty of herbal-ly smells that we haven’t identified yet.) Just as in New York your nose is sometimes graced with a delicate whiff of stale urine, so in Villemagne, you are often greeted with a waft of wildflower.

I really love cooking with cast-iron skillets. I will have to invest in some.

I love (LOVE!) the church bell ringing the hour. Somehow it always makes me feel like I’m in the Sound of Music. I realize that that took place in Austria, not Southern France, but still.

Laundry takes much longer here – the delicate cycle in the washer took an hour and fifteen minutes. All the more time to laze around with one’s husband…..

I would have loved some measuring cups and other baking essentials, but otherwise, the kitchen is well-equipped. We have succeeded so far with roast chicken and vegetables, crepes, and hopefully in about half an hour, lamb stew.

Biking is much faster and more efficient than walking, but it makes you sore in more unexpected places.

The Villemagnais is a great French family restaurant. If you come, I highly recommend checking it out. Friendly, timely, reasonably priced, and not as intimidating as the Auberge L’Abbaye.

That’s all I got for today. Oh, the lamb stew: way too complicated a recipe. I’m too lazy to re-post it here, but the link we used was:

Now for some snuggle time with my (giggle) husband…..

Post Script: The lamb stew turned out just fine….

Now I’m salivating just looking at this, two weeks later…..



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5 responses to “French Honeymoon Day 10: Lazy Day Reflections

  1. Shanella

    “A husband can fetch things for you” … really? SIGN ME UP! I’m getting one of those. haha

    this is such a cute post Meghan 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading them all.

  2. Jeanne S.

    I have to agree with your list of why husbands are awesome. I have one: It’s nice to see something cute first thing in the morning.
    Also, you mentioned a couple posts ago that you like the BBC’s Sherlock. That show is sooo good! Cumberbatch makes an excellent younger Holmes. Did you get to see the new episodes over there before us? If so, jeal-ous.

    • I agree – it’s great to wake up to cuteness 🙂 But – THERE ARE NEW EPISODES OF SHERLOCK?! We hadn’t heard…will be looking up. (We were watching earlier episodes that we’d missed).

      • Jeanne S.

        Well they can’t leave it the way it is in the last episode. See that one yet? It’s a roller coaster. I’m impressed that they make 3 or 4 high quality full-length movies a year. Yet I still want more… The last episodes aired here in the spring of this year, so prob spring of next year for season 3. 😦 Long way off.

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