Honeymoon Day 13: Pique-Nique!

Our one big goal today was to take a picnic over to Pont du Diable (“Devil’s Bridge”)and lounge for several hours reading and snacking and sketching. It was a great success.

Here’s what we ate:

After our salami/fig discovery yesterday, I had a grand time mixing sweet/savory combinations – salami/sheepcheese/fig, raspberry/brie, pear/salami, etc. YUM!

And here’s what we saw:

Pont du Diable. We’ve gone across it twice already, but this is our first view from below.

I am congenitally unable to resist wading barefoot across a rocky stream. I stripped my socks and shoes and found…..

…This abandoned building!

Touch-me-nots! I was so thrilled to come across these friends from my childhood, all the way over the big blue Atlantic! A little different in color, but in season and ready for popping 🙂

There are about 30 minnows/tadpoles in this shot. Can you spot any of them?

He’s a handsome feller 🙂

This is what I accomplished:

1. Inventing the Brie-Fig sandwich. Even better, in my opinion, than the Salami-Fig sandwich, because the sweetness of the fig cuts the pungency of the brie, but the brie flavor is strong enough to not be overpowered by the sweetness. Perfect balance. Yin and yang. Ben disagreed, but that’s just because he doesn’t like cheese. I was so enraptured I forgot to take a picture.

2. I took a nearly 3-hour nap.

3. I did this:

And this is the obligatory dog encounter:

I was sketching and B was reading, when this black labrador (or something very like a big black lab) comes bounding down the path, wearing a collar but no leash, and leaps into the water just behind us. No barking, no fuss, takes barely any notice of us at all. After his dip, he bounds right back up the path again. A few minutes later, he returns, this time towing his humans behind him, and older couple clearly out for a little fishing. They settle a ways downstream from us, out of sight, but doggy visits us once more to urinate nearby before the evening is out.

You can just see the dog’s head above water. B managed to snap this before he bounded away again.

And then we went home to more lamb stew with couscous. On the way back, we took a couple more shots:

Walking up the Pont du Diable – the paving is 13th century and extremely uneven. Wicked.

Home sweet home.

I would love to end here, because the picture is perfect, but I feel that two other things happened tonight which really do deserve a post-script:

1. We discovered a little bar on the outside of town where you can buy wine for 2.50 Euros. Not good wine, mind you, but totally drinkable. In fact, the more you drink, the better it tastes…..

2. I watched Star Wars all the way through for the first time in my adult life. I can cross that off of Major Gaps in My Pop Culture Education. And, yes, I enjoyed it quite a bit, thank you.

Bonne Nuit!



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2 responses to “Honeymoon Day 13: Pique-Nique!

  1. Sabine

    I L-O-V-E-D reading your diary of your stay in Villemagne. Tom, your host, gave me this blog address to read it because I inquired about his house for a stay this coming summer. I totally enjoyed what you wrote, also the really mouthwatering recipes but I’ve been a vegetarian for over two years now and I wondered, I would probably be condemned to eat all the delicious pies and get fat because there are no vegetable dishes on the menu in the Villemagnaise? 😉 Anyways, I hope you’re still happily married. Best of luck, Sabine (from Germany)

    • Hi Sabine! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I don’t know how vegetarian you are – there are plenty of fish dishes on the menu, and some salads, though I don’t recall any strictly vegetarian ones. The owners are pretty friendly, and especially if you go in the off-season when they’re not swamped, I would guess there would be a good chance they could put together a plate for you of something delicious that does not involve meat. There’s also the grocery store; the HyperMarche and SuperU are well-stocked with everything, so you can make your own, and if you have a car, there are numerous other restaurants in Lamalou and Bedarieux, I’m sure you could find some nice dining in the area that would accommodate your needs. Happy traveling, wherever you end up!

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