And the Winner of the Presidential Debate Is…. Big Bird!

Here are the results of tonight’s debate, via my facebook feed (combined with my husband’s so as to inflate the numbers):

Anti-Mitt: 31

Anti-Obama: 13

Anti-Obama’s awkward pauses: 3

Anti-Moderator: 26

Pro-Big Bird: 15

Big Bird is a one-percenter whose empire will survive being cut from the government dole: 1

Suggested Drinking Games: 2

Candidate Mash-Up Cartoons: 2

Fact-checking questions offered for crowd-sourcing: 8

Pro-Third Party Candidates (not counting Big Bird): 2

Debates were high entertainment: 10

Debates were a snooze: 7

What debates?: 3

By my count, Big Bird is running a close 3rd-party candidate race……..

From my hubby’s wall:

Winner of the debate: Mitt

Winner of the night: Big Bird

Loser of the debate: Obama

Loser of the night: Lehrer (the Moderator)

Candidate who most resembles Guy Smiley: Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney! Er, sorry – Guy Smiley!



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5 responses to “And the Winner of the Presidential Debate Is…. Big Bird!

  1. That’s Big Boyd. He’s from Brooklyn.


  2. So the question is, who won the Obama/Romney Debate? Certainly not the American people. According to Open Debate ( ), the Debate Committee is a Democrat/Republican organization that took control off the League of Women Voters, with the result, and perhaps the purpose to shut down debate. The format was changed so no hard questions would be asked, and equally stiffling, candidates other than those of the Republicans or Democrats would not be invited. The consequence of this format will always be flat debate, and America will always be kept to a 2 party nation.

    • Agreed, for the most part, although I haven’t fact-checked your history, but it sounds about right. For anyone interested, I know was hosting a live stream of the debate with pauses for the Green Party’s Jill Stein and the Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson to answer the questions with equal time. I’m not sure, but there will probably be a video you can watch after the fact. I would imagine…..

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