One Lovely Blog Part 2

You know, it never hurts to read the directions. It turns out I was supposed to share seven things about myself. Here goes:

1. I’m on my third religion, and I”ve finally found the One. True. Religion. Just kidding. Not about the third religion thing, but the part after that. 😉

2. I can quote pretty much the entirety of Les Miserables, Assassins (Sondheim), Into the Woods (Sondheim), The Little Mermaid (Disney), and What About Bob? (Bill Murray). And I do. Frequently.

3. I am a hyper-competitive board game player.

4. The most adventurous thing I’ve ever eaten was braised sea urchin. It wasn’t bad; kinda rubbery, with a couple crunchy parts, tasted like the broth it was cooked in.

5. I’m the kinda sports fan who grows up deep in Cleveland Browns territory and becomes a Steelers fan just to piss everyone off.

6. I am addicted to police procedurals like Law and Order and CSI. I find them much less traumatizing than watching the news.

7. Baking makes me happy. 😀 This week I will be trying a new recipe – peanut butter brownie bread pudding!



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2 responses to “One Lovely Blog Part 2

  1. I like No.5 – kinda sums up why I’m a cricket fanatic and live in Scotland.


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